Crafting Effective Personal Affirmations: Harnessing Your Inner Critic

Explore the art of creating personal affirmations that truly work. Harness the power of your inner critic to shape affirmations that boost self-esteem and self-worth effectively.

8 Tips to Post-Election Emotional Recovery

The election is over. You made it through all the anxiety of the election season. Votes are in and the winner has been declared. While there may be a challenge the results its pretty clear that they will not prevail. So now that is over what do you do with the aftermath?  The election has Read More

4 Steps to Banishing Negative Thinking

The soundtrack to your soul is your life’s theme music. It is the sound reel that comes from your core belief systems about self. It is your internal dialog: the things you think about yourself. What you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. What you say to yourself when you are trying Read More