This week we encounter yet another incident where a black person was killed by people with authority or percieved authority.  Over the last month, we heard about Ahmaed Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and now George Floyd.  As a wife of a large built black Man and mother of two black boys, I am very aware of Read More

Humble Beginnings: Destiny’s Bootcamp

It was once said “don’t despise humble beginnings.” When I say humble beginnings, I’m talking about starting something new, or rebuilding after a failure. This place of humble beginning is often an uncomfortable place to be. It forces a person to be vulnerable and exposed. Feeling vulnerable and exposed is often perceived as a weakness. Read More

Thou Hast Purpose: Three Commandments to Purposeful Living

Many people struggle with self-worth and finding their purpose. Many people struggle to see their value. The typical 9-5 everyday hustle of life seems to erode away a person’s inspiration and creativity. This lifestyle kills their passions. When a person lacks passion, they are unable to find their purpose. Passion leads to purpose, so when Read More

4 Tips to Inspire Creativity

Arise Beautiful you are Creative! In the beginning, God created man in his image. Man was made during the peak of creation. God said let us create man in our image. Thus beloved at your core you reflect the image of the ultimate creator. Part of your core being is a creator. You have the ability Read More