Confidence to Run Your Race

Envision this you are witnessing the race track of life.  The stands are full of people. The racers all lined up on the track. The official is on the side with the gun raised in the air. A hush comes over the crowd so the sprinters can hear. “On your mark,” says the official. The runners kick out their legs and jump up to get loose. “Get set.” The sprinters get down in the blocks ready to sprint to the finish line. “Go.” Gun goes off and the sprinters take off running. The person in lane 3 seems to be winning, feeling the victory soon he looks to the lane in the right just then his body drifts into the lane to the right and he is disqualified from the race. The person in line 4 looks to his left due to the commotion and trips over his feet, but remains in his lane. What does this have to do with life? Well, let’s dissect the scene.


Fans in the Stands


First, we have the fans in the stands. So, in life are you in the stands? Watching everyone else run their race, and wishing you were on the track. Are you the cheerleader, cheering for everyone else on as they race? Do you believe you are not fast enough or good enough to be on the track? Have you disqualified yourself from the race before you even tried?


It takes a measure of confidence to be willing to step onto the track. If you lack the belief that you have something to offer and your dreams are worth pursuing, you will never leave the stands. You will always be watching others run towards their dreams. Thinking that they are faster, better, and have something more than you do.


Confidence to Run: On Your Mark


The next group is the runners. The people who believe that they have some measure of talent. They are confident enough in their abilities to get on the track. So let break down the commands.  There is 1) On your mark, 2) Get Set, and 3) Go. On your mark is the first command.  So this is where you kick out and stretch your legs. You make sure your loose. Look at the track, take note of the finish line.  It is during this phase when you are warming up your talent. You are hoping that all your preparation will help you perform on the track.


We are all born with a talent. Things that we are naturally good at. We were also born with the ability and capacity to obtain knowledge and skills. When you combine your talent with your acquired skills you are more than equipped to run your race.  Talent and acquired skill must be used, practice makes perfect. Practice sharpens your ability to use your gifts, practice increases confidence, practice prepares you to perform during the race, practice increases your endurance. Every racer has practiced, they have warmed up their muscles.


Confidence to Run: Get Set

Your talent and skills got you on the track. Now it is time to get set, to eye your finish line, take note of your lane. It is time to work your plan and strategy. How are you going to run this race? This is the holding place right before you hear Go. Once you set, there is no moving. Moving during the set phase results in disqualification. Once you put your strategy in place, trust it do not waver and change it up. Don’t let indecisiveness or uncertainty knock you off your footing and disqualify you before you even start your race.


Confidence to Run: Go

Go, this is the time where you forge on full speed ahead. Run your race implement your strategy. Fully trusting your talent and skill, trust your plan. As you run you adjust your form to accommodate for the wind. Eyes focused on the finish line. Keeping your eyes forward and not worrying about those in the other lanes. Looking to either side to see how you are doing will result in interference with your race. It could slow you down, trip, or it can cause you to veer into the next lane. Veering into the lane next to you will disqualify you from the race.  You are not qualified to be in their lane, or run their race. Don’t compare yourself to the other runners. Stay in your lane run your race.


THE CONFIDENCE TO RUN: You choose the race

Ultimately, You have what it takes to run your race. What if I told you there are no winners in the race of life? That the person in the lane next to you is not your competition. That you determine the finish line. That you determine the distance you want to travel. You determine if it is a sprint or a distance run. You choose the distance, set your strategy, and determine your pace. The key is staying in your lane and trusting your talent, skills, abilities and the strategy. You have what it takes! So, I encourage you to get on the track of life. Warm up your talent, set your goals and strategy, and get going on your race.




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