Protecting Your Mental Health

How do you Protect Your Mental Health

When you hear the term Mental Health what comes to mind? Do you scoff at the idea of mental health like “is that even a real thing”? Do you think “I’m not crazy.”  Well, truth be told we all have a little crazy in us. Why? Cause we live in a messed up world.  Let’s be honest, daily you are bombarded with some traumatizing stuff. On a 15-minute newsreel, you can see the aftermath of a mass shooting, devastation of entire islands due to a hurricane, the latest murder in the city, and the massive car accident that is going to cause a delay in your morning commute, all before you are finished your cup of coffee. You’d be lying if you said that these types of things don’t have an effect on you. And that is just surface level stuff that may not even be directly affecting you.

What about the day to day negative personal experiences and interactions that you have.? The condescending boss, the passive aggressive co-worker gunning for your spot, the microaggressions, the latent racism, hell the overt racism, these days.  What about the heavy stuff like the interpersonal traumas of sexual, physical or emotional abuse you may have endured in the past or are still going through. What about that negative thinking reel that plays over and over in your head telling you that you are not good enough or you can’t do anything right. What about that perfectionist jockey that rides on your back forcing you to run faster and harder. Dysfunctional families and the emotional damage and scars they caused. Heartbreak and heartache caused by the people who claim or are supposed to love us. Medical issues making us confront our own mortality and ponder what happens when we die.

We all experience hardship and struggle, and it is important for you to recognize the importance of your mental health. It is your responsibility. You have to fight to protect your mental health. Do what you must to guard your mind because no one else will. The world does not give a fuck about your mental health or your feelings.  When you are clear-headed and have good mental health you are able to weather the storms of life, know your worth, and defend yourself.  We are equipped to fight back. Your mind is sharp, you are able to creatively solve the problems that come your way. But if you fail to take care of your mental health, your minds will begin to fail.

4 Things to Happen When You Neglect Your Mental Health


Low Energy and Fatigue:

The first thing that happens is fatigue. You get tired, both mentally and physically. Your mind becomes cloudy. When you are tired then you lose your creativity, this minimizes your ability to adapt.

Lose Your Joy:

The next to go is your joy it becomes more difficult to find happiness. Moments of happiness helps to balance out negativity.  When you experience feelings of happiness your body release endorphins and it helps the body to relax.  When you no longer have joy, it becomes more difficult to unwind and balance of negative energy. Your mind begins to become toxic.

Lose Your Hope:

Hope is the expectation of good things. When you are not hopeful you begin to feel stuck and isolated.

Anxiety and Depression Increases:

Fatigue, loss of interest or pleasure, inability to think or concentrate and feelings of worthlessness are a classic symptom of depression. Combine that with fear and excessive worry, you have now developed a cocktail for serious mental health issues, Depression is a symptom of many mental health disorders.


How to Protect Your Mental Health


So my advice is for you to guard your mental health. It is more important than your physical health in many ways.  Your mind is your most powerful tool.  You need to evaluate your mental health.  Have a real heart to heart with yourself.  How are you feeling?  If you are feeling off, that you are fatigued, unhappy, irritable, or indecisive, take action. There are so many ways to take care of your mental health. You do not have to go to therapy, but action is required. Here are some suggestions below.

Talk to someone:

There is traditional therapy,  support groups, a trusted friend, coaching. There is a life coach for everything under the sun.  Speaking about your issues allows you to hear out loud the thoughts that have been hidden in your mind.  Often you will find that those secret thoughts sound ridiculous or irrational when you say them out loud.


Exercise is a proven way to improve mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, which produces feelings of euphoria. Exercise all helps release stress. There, of course, is the physical benefits of exercise, of looking and feeling good.

Get outdoors

Fresh air and the beauty of nature is calming and soothing on the mind. Sunlight also improves mood.  FInd times during the day to steal a little sunshine, even in cold weather.

Cut toxic people out of your life: 

Negative people are draining and will rob you of your time, energy, and joy.  They often take take take, and if you are too busy giving your time to others you will never have the opportunity to recharge or care for your own needs.

Take a vacation: 

Time away, a change of scenery, engaging in leisurely activities will break negative cycles and the stress of your daily routine. It is a time to pause and recharge. Vacations give the opportunity to learn how to enjoy the here and now. Forces us to be present in the moment. Vacations give us time to look forward to.


laughter triggers endorphins and feelings of happiness. The ability to laugh at self and tough situations help to minimize stress and anxiety. Laughing helps us to see the humor in life, and not take things so personally or seriously.

Detach from social media:

The world of social media can suck you into comparing your life to others, negative or fake news media, false social connections, wasting time, empty debates and many other unhealthy patterns.


I know that those suggestions are lame, and you have heard them before, but that is because they work. Sometimes the wheel does not have to be reinvented. You just need to put it into action. The quicker you take action, the closer you will be to regaining control over your mental health and your life. Do what you need to do to protect your mental health. Comment below on how you protect your mental health.   Arise Beautiful can help you begin your journey.   How to connect below.

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