I am a  Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Self-Worth Coach. I specialize in repairing self-worth damaged by life experiences. I teach strategies on how to heal and minimize the impact those negative experiences have on your present life. I teach you to reject negative messaging about yourself and to positively define yourself.  You will learn to tap into the power of self in order to overcome challenges and leave your mark on the world.  As a result of working with me,  you will be able to recognize your worth and boldly face the world with increased confidence. You will feel the beauty of your inner strength and power.

"Silencing the lie of inadequacy and unworthiness"

Coaching options are designed to help clients improve self-worth or develop business ideas. Click on the coaching icon to learn more and schedule a free consultation today!

Professional workshops on mental health topics for children, adolescents, and women. Click on the trainings icon to learn more.

Virtual Mental Health Counseling services for individuals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Carolina in search of a therapist. Click here to schedule an appointment today!

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Client Testimonials

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“After a simple chat with Angenette about an idea that I had stewing for some time, Angenette just listen to all I had to say. Once I was done she told me to “JUST DO IT”. Offering me such positive feedback on my ideas. Even taking a step further and helped me map a call to action plan. Which helped me see how I can start and take action on my exciting new journey. Her words of encouragement and cheers of ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ has really lifted my fears and moved my feet.”


“When your mind is boggled and your energy is on E, Angenette has a way of wading through all of your insecurities and helping you see your self-worth. It’s easy for people to tell you what you WANT to hear, but Angenette tells you what you NEED to hear. She helps you develop a clear and concise game plan to confidently pursue your goals.”


"Angenette has helped me a great deal. She takes the time really get to the root of my problems. She is the type of person that goes above and beyond and will really help. She is patient, kind, and understanding and will walk you through whatever you are going through. She has been a great help to me and I am now on the right track."


"Angenette's positive energy and conversation starters are so beautiful and inspirational. Her posts make me smile and I appreciate taking the time to think about these things. Angenette reaches so many people and makes such a huge life-changing impact. I strive to do the same. Goals."

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