8 Tips to Post-Election Emotional Recovery

The election is over. You made it through all the anxiety of the election season. Votes are in and the winner has been declared. While there may be a challenge the results its pretty clear that they will not prevail. So now that is over what do you do with the aftermath?  The election has shaken a lot of people. It has rocked people’s relationships with family, friends, co-workers. It has created such a division amongst people. This election has taken undeniably taken a toll on many emotionally. Not only the election but the racial tension and the pandemic which also have turned political.  What to do with the emotional baggage left behind after the election? Do you even know how you feel?  Below are some behaviors that may be an indication that something is off and you need to process your emotions.

Some things to look out for:

  • Irritability

  • Mood swings

  • Fatigue

  • increase in cynicism and negative thinking

  • Increase in worry or fear

  • Isolating from others

  • Loss of interest in things you enjoyed prior to the election

  • Numbness and an inability to access emotions

  • Intense sadness

  • Inability to experience pleasure

  • Increase or decrease in appetite

If you are experiencing those things take some time off if you can, or at least carve out some time for yourself to recharge and process. You are human. Emotions are part of the human experience. Elections can stir up buried emotions. So you must pause to recover. That emotional energy must go somewhere. 

8 Tips to Post-Election Emotional Recovery

1). Sort out your feelings:

Journaling is a good start. When you journal you do not have to use words. We all have different ways to express our emotions and sometimes words can not capture the magnitude of our feelings. So paint, draw, vlog, record an audio message. Whatever form of “journaling will work for you.” The key is acknowledgment and acceptance of the emotions.

2). Connect with your safe people:

Often when in distress we have a tendency to isolate and feel like we are the only ones going through it. But connecting with someone that will validate and acknowledge your feelings is healing. However, it is key that you identify safe people. Not everyone deserves your vulnerability.

3). Turn off the news:

Minimize the consumption of media. Is it helpful? I know some people have anxiety about not knowing. So I suggest you write down the burning questions that your anxiety needs answered, get the information needed, and then turn it off. Set a time dedicated to gathering info and when the time is up then shut it off.

4). Engage in something that you like:

You need something positive to balance out the negativity. Keep it simple. TV shows, video games, coloring, a walk, reading, crafting, a drink, take out, baking, zooming with friends, cuddles with your pets, kids, or significant other.

5). Connect with Nature:

Nature has a way of grounding us and giving us the opportunity to exhale.  Find a local park, lake, patch of grass. Buy a plant. If you really can’t get outside google images and listen to sounds of nature.

6). Move your body:

We store a lot of unprocessed emotions in the body. So intentional movement, connected to an emotional experience will allow you to process the suppressed emotional energy.

7). Create a safe place:

We all need a place to retreat to. Create a space in your home, office, or where ever you can. Place items in it that promote feelings of safety and help you to calm down. pictures, candles, teas, soft pillows, a comfy chair, blankets, a deck out weed tray and matching lighter, plants, candy dish, sound machine, water feature, massager. Everyone needs a place to go to….bonus tip do this for your children too you can do it on a larger scale like an actual room, or if you are limited in space it can be a shoebox. Either what when tension is high you can send everyone to their safe place.

8). Remember your purpose:

Control what you can control, take action in your own life. You have power in your individual spheres. Start speaking up. Get involved. You can make a difference. You probably can make more of a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of others around you than any presidential elect.

If you need assistance sorting through your emotions Arise Beautiful can help. Arise Beautiful with Self-Worth Coach Angenette, specializes in repairing self-esteem damaged by negative life experiences and harsh words. You will learn strategies on how to reject negative messages and positively define oneself.  You will learn to tap into the power of self in order to overcome challenges and leave your mark on the world.  This election could have communicated negative messages that you are struggling to process. Work with Angenette to combat those messages. Book you free consultation www.arisebeautiful.com/book 

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