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Trainings For Mental Health Professionals and Educators


Identity Matters: Self-Esteem Building in Youth of Color


Description: This program focuses on nurturing self-esteem and resilience in children and teens of color, empowering them to thrive in a complex world. Learn how to identify and address low self-esteem, understand the factors that influence it, and discover practical strategies for building confidence and fostering healthy relationships. Gain essential communication skills, explore coping strategies, access valuable mental health resources, and create inclusive safe spaces for teens of color.


Authenticity in Practice: Strengthening Your Identity as a Mental Health Provider


Description: This training participants gain insights into self-reflection, values alignment, and effective boundary-setting, all while learning to implement a client-centered approach and promote cultural competence. Overcome imposter syndrome and boost your self-confidence as you invest in your personal and professional growth. This training helps clinician become a impactful and authentic mental health providers.


Elevating Self-Esteem: Integrating Affirmations, Music, and Spirituality in Therapy

Description: In this training, we explore the transformative power of self-affirmations, the emotional resonance of music, and the profound influence of spirituality in the context of therapeutic practice. Gain insights into the critical role of self-esteem in mental health, learn how to craft tailored affirmations, integrate them into therapy, curate self-affirmation playlists with music, and explore the intersection of spirituality and self-esteem. You’ll also develop metrics for progress, navigate ethical considerations, and discover self-care strategies for professionals.


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