4 Tips to Inspire Creativity

Arise Beautiful you are Creative!

In the beginning, God created man in his image. Man was made during the peak of creation. God said let us create man in our image. Thus beloved at your core you reflect the image of the ultimate creator. Part of your core being is a creator. You have the ability to create the resources you need to walk out your purpose into your destiny. You have the ability to create beauty through art. You have the ability to create medicine to heal your body. You have the ability to create love through connection with others. You have the ability to create joy through acts of kindness. It’s easy to fall into the trap where you are waiting for others to give you the resources your need. You are capable of complex thought. This gives you the ability to problem solve. It is creativity that bridges the gap between our dreams and our reality.

The more you use your creativity the more you begin to discover your skills, talents, and abilities. The gifts you were given by God to walk out your unique purpose. Creativity births life. Creativity is self-expression in its rarest form. Let your creativity flow.  Here are 4 tips to develop your creative self.

Tip #1: Do something you love, Have FUN!

When you engage in something that you love it produces happiness. When you are happy, you are more willing to let loose and take risks.  Think about the silly things you tried while you were just having fun. Fun inspires creativity.  People think better when they are happy. Read, exercise, listen to music, hike, take a salsa lesson, take a mixology class, host a gathering at your house, or go bowling. Some of the most innovative ideas are birthed after a night out with the girls and you are all a little tipsy just talking about life’s struggles. Whatever you like to do, let your fun inspire you.

I personally love to color. Not the adult coloring books color, but the big cartoon characters pictures made for kids. I print off coloring pages and go to town. It quiets my racing mind and inspires me. What activities do you love?


Tip #2 Keep track of ideas.

Carry around a notepad, or something that you can write down your ideas. You can use your phone too. But a small notepad that you can keep in your purse is ideal because it is a visual reminder of your ideas. Putting it in your phone the idea is easy to forget about among the other apps competing for your attention. You never know when a great idea will strike. Different things and environments can inspire creativity. Don’t waste those moments of inspiration. Sketch that sunset, write down that poem, write down that business idea, take that photo, or write your joke. Play with those scraps at work when you’re bored at work. Take notes on your process. Whatever system you use, notepad, phone, tablet, spreadsheet, portfolio, recorder, video camera keep track of your ideas. If you don’t have a record of it somewhere it doesn’t exist. Moments of inspiration are gifts from your destiny to point you in the direction of your purpose.

I have an uncle who works construction. On his breaks, when he was bored he would take scraps of metal and weld them into little figures. He was just teaching himself to weld. However, his co-workers began to notice his art and people began to request figures. A woman saw his collection of figures and asked if she could display them in an art exhibit.

Tip #3 Review and evaluate your ideas regularly.

When you keep track of your ideas and creative moments, you are then able to go back and review them. Evaluate the ideas and consider how you can leverage or share your creativity. Expand on those ideas.  Sit with each idea. How can you improve the idea? Does this idea inspire more creative ideas? Are they practical? Can you make them a reality? Can you profit from them? Would others benefit from your idea? What good is a record of creative ideas that your never review? This is where you find your purpose.  You begin to get a blueprint of your interests, talents, skills, and abilities.

Tip #4 Share your ideas with others.

Feedback is always important. How else would you know if your idea was good if you never share it with someone? It is through sharing that your gifts and talents are validated. You can think and believe your creation, idea, talent is the best thing in the world all you want, but that doesn’t mean that it is. Think about all the people who tried out for American Idol thinking that they were the best singers and turns out they were not even close. Feedback from others helps to confirm your skills, talents, and abilities. It helps to develop your strengths and weaknesses. We are hardwired for connection. Creativity allows us to create things to share with the world. It allows us to connect with people and invite them to share in life experiences. Creating products and services help the world become a better place.


Arise beautiful you are creative. You were born to create.  What have you created today?

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