Humble Beginnings: Destiny’s Bootcamp

Destiny's BootCamp

It was once said “don’t despise humble beginnings.” When I say humble beginnings, I’m talking about starting something new, or rebuilding after a failure. This place of humble beginning is often an uncomfortable place to be. It forces a person to be vulnerable and exposed. Feeling vulnerable and exposed is often perceived as a weakness. It then becomes easy to despise humble beginnings and get blinded to the lesson that could be learn from this place. No one wants to be perceived as weak. It is a place that a person can get stuck, if they are unable to learn the lessons this season has to offer.  I believe humble beginnings are Destiny’s Boot camp. Humble beginnings prepares you for your purpose.  Do not despise humble beginnings, do not take on a victim’s mentality asking yourself why and how you got to that place.  Ask yourself what is the lesson to be learned from this place? Do not try to rush through this season trying to get to your future. You have to learn to operate in the present. It is what you do in the present that will produce what your desire in the future. Empires don’t just pop up. They are built, brick by brick. The building phase begins with humble beginnings. Humble beginnings are where there is a lack of resources, and you have to stretch beyond yourself to begin building. The place of humble beginning is where your creativity begins to flow, teaching you how to problem solve and plan to get to the next phase. The key to moving forward in this stage is recognizing what a gift it is.  Don’t discredit your growth because you are so busy complaining and focusing on lack. This opens the door for you to make excuses, stifle creativity, and become stagnant. Embrace Humble Beginnings.


6 Lessons I Learned From Humble Beginnings

1) Gratitude

Gratitude helps fight negativity and negative thinking. It is easy to focus on lack, but doing that, blinds you from recognizing the good and positive things that are present. When you focus on the positives things that you have, you are able to recognize your strengths. Strengths are tools, and skills that you can leverage and use to move forward.


You will discover your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and insecurities. In a place of humble beginnings your will be tested over and over, each test you will learn more about yourself.

3) Connecting with others

During humble beginnings resources in many areas are lacking. This forces a person to reach out to others and ask for help. Many people claim they did everything on their own. I call bull every time. Why because we all need someone. Someone took a chance on them, open the door, gave them a referral, position, or a few extra dollars. This also mean expanding beyond your existing circle and meeting new people. If you want to go to the next level you have to meet new people. You have to be willing to share your talents with the world, engage so that other can connect with you.

4) Goodness:

Humble beginnings highlights the goodness and generosity of others. Nothing feels better that having people validate and support your vision, goal, purpose, skills, talents, and abilities.  When you begin to reach out to people, many respond positively. The more you display your work ethic, and character, the more people genuinely want to help. Granted there will also be people that don’t support your dreams, and try to discourage you. Just don’t give your pearls to pigs. Ignore them. Surround yourself with people that support you.

5) How to handle rejection:

During this place you will receive a fair share of no’s. Humble beginnings teaches you how to use rejection. For some rejection is very difficult because it make them feel inadequate. However, rejection may simply mean not right now or not for you. Learning how to accept no, and how to use the no as motivation, to eventually get that yes or something better, is learned in the place of humble beginnings.

6) Provision:

You learn your source of provision during this season. As you step out in faith you discover that somehow, some way you are alright and taken care of.  When you have a need, and that need is met, and you can’t quite put your finger on how it happened. During this season you learn that money isn’t everything. During humble beginnings you discover that provision is in your purpose.



Ultimately humble beginnings is a place of extreme growth. It can be an uncomfortable place. You are vulnerable and require the help of others. However, the lessons learned in this time will directly prepare you for your destiny. Don’t despise humble beginnings. Embrace them!

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