The Art of Feeling

Have you ever been at a loss for words? Struck with disbelief. Unable to put together the words to adequately explain the emotions that your feel. You are experiencing a high level of emotional discomfort. Many of us hate this place. We do not want to be there. We are vulnerable, defenseless. We don’t even have the words to stream together even to begin to protect our self.  We don’t want to look stupid. All you got is a blank stare. Some call this shock. We try desperately to shake it, hide it, or deny it.

However, I believe this to be a powerful place. This is your being forcing you to pause. The place where your mind and heart communicate, without the interference of your tongue. Everything is not meant to be said. We all know that words have power. Once spoken, positive or negative you have given those word life. However when you are in this state of emotional shock, it is your being’s way of indicating to you that it’s time to feel.

I’m talking about allowing yourself to experience the flood of emotions that come after the initial shock. You see emotions are meant to be expressed. They carry energy. Anger wants to be released, and it energizes you. That why you want to hit something, do something. It is tough to sit still when you are angry. Sadness wants to be released. When you’re sad, you experience pressure beginning to build up. This pressure can be released through crying. You ever see the screw face when someone is trying to hold back tears. After you had a good cry, don’t you feel lighter like you just released a massive burden. Happiness is expressed through laughter. It is also very difficult to hold in a laugh; holding in laughter might result in an accident lol.

There, of course, is a time for everything. This does not mean go walking around all emotionally raw and exposed. There are a time and place for everything. It is not normal to spill emotionally unless you are so overwhelmed by them that you lose all control. This can happen if you experienced an extreme event or you have been bottling up your emotions. Some people are so used to operating in a negative emotional state that they are unable to process happiness as well.

Here is how to begin to experience your emotions safely.

  1. Be mindful, tune into the emotions you feel and your physical reactions.  (is your heart racing, you sweating, tearful, shaking, flushed skin, laughing, jittery, jumpy)
  2. Be mindful of the thoughts surrounding those emotions. Are the negative, self-defeating, fearful, are they positive and edifying?
  3. When you are in a safe place, then reflect on those emotions and allow yourself to experience the full range of those emotions.
  4. Let it Flow!

How comfortable are you with your emotions? Do you give yourself permission to experience a full range of emotion? Do you bottle it up?

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