The Power of Dreaming


A Dream Deferred: My Silencing 

Standing in the bathroom alone. Staring at the mirror. Hair is pinned up with a gorgeous in flowing down my back. My face is beat, and my waist is snatched in my wedding dress. Here I was the woman that swore off marriage and family. I was going to give my all to a career and travel. But I was about to walk down the aisle. OMG was this really happening. Oh, it happened. It was a beautiful day. Celebrated with my family and friends.

From this point forward, my life moved at light speed. I graduated college, relocated to a new city for a new job, had a baby and quit my job all before my first anniversary. I was a new mother, unexpectedly forced to stay home with the kids because of the ridiculous cost of daycare. Then baby number two and still home full time. I was away from family, and friends, alone. Overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of home. Didn’t have a clue on how to raise a family. I didn’t have an outlet. My degree was going to waste. Goals and dreams buried deep under the business of running my household. I had so much more to offer then a clean home, dinner and baby talk. I worked too hard for my life to revolve around my house. So I began reaching out to friends, helping other people pursue their goals. I went back to school to get a master’s degree in counseling. Started doing mentoring and relief work with troubled youth. I began to volunteer at shelters. I became a substitute teacher. Slowly beginning to pursue my personal goals and dreams.

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My Awakening

Then finally I returned to the workforce full time as a counselor in a State Prison. Daily I met with women with remarkable stories of hardship and brokenness.  Of my caseload 27 were serving Life Sentences. Their stories were similar to mine. They started off ambitious, bright-eyed girls, but the pressure of life got to them. Some silenced their voice and intuition to please a boyfriend. Some were unable to cope with the overwhelm of family and life and turned to substances to cope. The longing to be loved, find purpose, but unable to do so because they felt stuck and unworthy. The choice between doing the responsible thing, what is expected and taking a risk. Being financially dependent on a system or relationship.  Stuck and silenced, robbed of any hope or dream.

It was then I realized the danger in living a muted life. I had too much to live for. I was valuable and, my goals were worth pursuing. My Children looked up to me. I was born for a mission and gifted a precious dream. Langston Hugh’s asked what happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? When a person is 10250088_10101872857710049_1783783891871802437_nunable to pursue their goals and dreams, part of them begins to dry up. Goals and dreams are tied directly to your strengths and God-given talents. It is your brain giving you visual and instinctive clues and hints on how you can put together your talents. Showing you creative ways to engage your gifts.  The inability to use those things is like killing a part of yourself. You will mourn what could have been for the rest of your life. Dreams are designed to guide you to your destiny. Dreams give you hope, purpose, meaning. Living a muted life can lead to depression, low self-worth and in extreme circumstances land you in prison. You are trying to fill a void. While that may seem extreme it happens more easily than you think. Sacrificing yourself, compromising your values, your voice, your freedom for a relationship. I can tell numerous stories of women who are in prison because they silence their voices and stopped dreaming.

As I counseled the women in prison, and they began to identify and connect with their goals and dreams, I saw tremendous growth and change. It was then I realized the connection between goals, dreams, mental health and living a fulfilling life. You have to engage your dreams. Learn to interpret them, and interact with them daily. It fuels the passion in your life. Dreams put you on the path to your purpose. It helps you to figure out your why. Understanding your why fuels passion, passion fuels purpose. Purposeful living then leads to a legacy. It is my heart to empower you to pursue your goals; your life depends on it. Family and the responsibilities of life are not excuses to put goals and dreams on hold, they should be motivators to be the best you possible. You cannot continue to sacrifice your goals for your husbands, your partner, your mother, your father, your kids, your boss……insert any other person. You have to pursue your goals for you. You owe it to the world to share your voice, talents, creativity. Unleash your dreams on the world. It is my goal and dream to see women empowered. To help you stop living a muted life, playing in the background of someone else story. It’s my goal to help you turn up the volume and boldly pursue your dreams. Let’s get started!

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