4 Steps to Banishing Negative Thinking

The soundtrack to your soul is your life’s theme music. It is the sound reel that comes from your core belief systems about self. It is your internal dialog: the things you think about yourself. What you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. What you say to yourself when you are trying new things. What you say to yourself when you face difficult tasks when you make a mistake when your fail when you succeed.

Negative thinking can be toxic and do a lot of damage. It can kill your confidence and diminish your sense of self-worth. Negative thinking can cause doubt and fear. Doubt and fear that leads to inaction, hindering you from pursuing your goals. It can sabotage your success by causing you to feel you do not deserve it.  Negative thinking blocks happiness and joy because it will cause you to question it, instead of enjoying it. It can cause you to be cynical, self-defeating, and stuck.

What does your internal music sound like? Is your internal soundtrack kind, and gentle or is it highly critical, and mean? Is It edifying and motivating, or is it self-defeating? It is important to get control of your theme music. You want something that will motivate you and help your push through difficult times.  You have control over your thoughts, you can choose to entertain them or not. The more time you allow a thought to remain on your mind, the more you will allow that thought to make a permeant connection in your brain and thinking process.  The longer you entertain negative thoughts the more like they will become part of your belief system and become a repeating thought.


1) Identify Common Negative Thinking Patterns

  •             List the bad thoughts about yourself that occur most often.

2) Evaluate thoughts for Validity

  •             List evidence from your life that is contrary to those thoughts

3) Create a new statement/belief system

  •             Based on the evidence create a new statement the counters the old thought

4) Turn Statement into an Affirmation

  •             post affirmation and speak it daily until you have replaced the negative thinking pattern.



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One thought on “4 Steps to Banishing Negative Thinking

  1. Kisha Scott says:

    This is so true! All of our actions starts with our thinking whether positive or negative! In order to grow and succeed you must train your thought process to think positive and then activate that positive thinking. Although you may have started thinking positively, it is impossible to see changes without taking action or putting in work to see the new results!

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