5 Benefits to Adding Play To Your Daily Routine

One of my favorite things to do is watch my kids play. I enjoy watching them use their imaginations it’s so refreshing to see. They don’t hold back, they dream big. Imagining other worlds, creating new characters letting the creativity flow. Children’s minds are not bound by rules. It’s interesting how as we begin to Read More

The Olympics

  One thing that super annoys me when it comes to black athletes in the Olympics there always seems to be some backstory about them overcoming the tragic circumstance of poverty or whatever to get there. Drug addict parents, adoption, sent to live with the white family. This annoys me because it feels like a Read More

Humble Beginnings: Destiny’s Bootcamp

It was once said “don’t despise humble beginnings.” When I say humble beginnings, I’m talking about starting something new, or rebuilding after a failure. This place of humble beginning is often an uncomfortable place to be. It forces a person to be vulnerable and exposed. Feeling vulnerable and exposed is often perceived as a weakness. Read More

Thou Hast Purpose: Three Commandments to Purposeful Living

Many people struggle with self-worth and finding their purpose. Many people struggle to see their value. The typical 9-5 everyday hustle of life seems to erode away a person’s inspiration and creativity. This lifestyle kills their passions. When a person lacks passion, they are unable to find their purpose. Passion leads to purpose, so when Read More