4 Benefits to Self-Care

Self-care seems to be an issue many people neglect. We live in a world today that tells us as women that we have to be all things. That nothing we do is good enough. Some of us want the career, the power, the money, the freedom, but what does that take. Self-sacrifice, working long hours, doing somethings that you don’t want to do, losing sleep, loss of friendship, relationships. Another extreme you want the perfect family, so you sacrifice your body, your sleep, your dreams, for your husband or kids. Catering to their every needs making sure everything gets done. Or you take on a caretaking role, sacrificing to care for a loved one in need. Putting your life on hold. Losing sleep, finances, fun, and the list can go on and on. We can all identify a woman who is sacrificing themselves for the sake of someone else. There is nothing wrong with caring for others. However if caring for others comes at the expense of sacrificing yourself it is problematic. Self-sacrificing is not sustainable. An empty cup is not effective and even worse a broken cup is useless. You can give to others if you have nothing to offer. What happens to the people depending on you when you breakdown.

You are more effective if you are giving out of an overflow. You must fill your cup and with the spill-over you fill the cups around you. So how do we fill our cups? We fill our cups by taking care of ourselves. Self-care is the ultimate form of rebellion because society tells women that they must self-sacrifice. Self-care must be prioritized daily. You must give yourself time to both prepare for the day and also recover from the day. Download your free self-care checklist here. These practices will help you to manage the stressors you encounter during the day. Below you will find the  4 Benefits of Self-care.

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4 Benefits to Self-Care (3)

1) Self-Care Improves Your Overall Health

Stress is a normal part of life. The better you are at minimizing and managing stress the less it will affect your health. Stress triggers hormones and an access amount of stress hormones in the body can be damaging to the organs in the long term. Also, the inability to manage stress levels can also lead to a lack of sleep and trouble regulating emotions. The inability to manage emotions can lead to mental health issues and consequences as well. Inadequate sleep can lead to fatigue and decrease productivity. Self-care is an effective way to reduce and manage stress levels. Overall it is important to practice self-care and do pleasurable and

relaxing activities to combat stress. Pleasurable activities also trigger the release of hormones. the hormones released by pleasurable activities cause the body to relax and feel euphoria and happiness. They help the body to recover and heal.

Improved Confidence

2) Self-Care Builds Self-Worth and Confidence

Purposely carving out time for self allows you the opportunity to get more comfortable with who you are. It gives you the space to be open and honest about yourself. Self-care activities help you to engage your talents, skills, and abilities. It helps you to prioritize your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs. It gives you the space to reflect, process and make adjustment as you experience in life. The better you know yourself and accept yourself the better you will be able to engage the world Brene Brown.

improved relationship

3)  Self-Care Helps You have Better Relationships with Others

When you engage in self-care practices, you can engage with others from a place of overflow. You are less stressed; you understand yourself and your needs. You have filled those needs, and no longer require or expect others to fill them. When you are well, you have the more patience to engaging in conflicts with others. You are better able to handle minor annoyances from others. Your emotions are balanced, so you are less likely to overreact emotionally. Emotional balance also helps you to think more clearly and logically.  Clarity and logical thinking will help you to take the action of others less personally.  Those who regularly set time aside for self are healthier and happier. Others are drawn to happy people. People will respond better to you, and begin seeking out your  presence more.


4) Self-Care Helps You Enjoy Life

 Self-care helps you to appreciate what you have. Taking the time to reflect and process helps you to identify good things in life, process negative things and plan for better things in the future. You get to engage in the things that make you laugh. Things that make you feel beautiful, things that help you to feel alive. You can again develop your gifts and talents that you can leverage to improve your quality of life.

It is important for you to prioritize self-care, it will have a tremendous impact on your daily life. Self-care will improve your quality of life.  Grab your free Self-Care Checklist below to remind yourself daily to prioritize self-care.

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Additional Self-Care Resources

Check out this video for more information about stress, and self-care. Lori Moffett gives a few self-care activities that can help you reduce stress. For recommended self-care products go to the Arise Beautiful Store.

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